LEGO BattleBots

Thanks for joining us! This blog is about our adventures in designing, building, and (of course) battling with our LEGO BattleBot creations. We are big fans of the BattleBots TV series (new season starts June 7, 2019 on the Discovery Channel!), and we were inspired to find a way to participate in head-to-head robot battles, without quite as much cost (and destructive capacity) as full-sized Battlebots. 

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Our creations are built using LEGO Mindstorms, incorporating high performance remote control, so that battle outcomes are truly decided by both robot design and driving skill.

Our goal from the beginning was to enable this kind of control and functionality without firmware hacks (using official LEGO firmware), to make the process as broadly accessible as possible. On the site, we will provide detailed tutorials to enable driving your Mindstorms bots using Bluetooth game controllers. 

Typical LEGO Bot Battle